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About MoreSo

MoreSo Deloitte Pitch - GraphHello, and welcome!

MoreSo believes in doing business, in life and at work, with people who are passionate about creating More Social Good. And doing business in this MoreSo Way as often as possible.

MoreSo is short for More Social Good. The phrase MoreSo also means ‘that to a greater degree’.

Until now most of the work on social good outcomes has been led by the public sector, charities and philanthropists. But it is clear that these resources alone cannot solve all of the world’s problems. All of us need to do more – now – by finding sustainable ways of integrating social good into our business offerings.

In an article by Catchafire’s CEO Rachael Chong, David Jones (Global CEO of Havas and Havas Worldwide) was quoted as saying:

“I believe that in the future if as a business you want to do well, you will have to do good. And that if you don’t set out to do good, you’ll find it impossible to do well…My fundamental belief is that a new world is all about doing good and making money. And actually they’re not separate worlds.”

I agree. And, to be truly successful, this needs to be done in a way that is consistent with core business values.

We all know that if you ‘do good’ in business in a way that is consistent with your core business values, you’ve hit the jackpot. Big time. Your profit increases, your employees are happy (they work harder and are easier to retain), your stake-holders are happy, your customers want to do more business with you and will refer you to others – without you even asking! New opportunities and partnerships are around every corner – even in challenging economic environments, and there is a greater level of respect for you in the marketplace. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you create More Social Good!

So why wait for ‘the future’ to arrive? New models are constantly being developed by businesses to achieve social good outcomes in ways that create ‘win-win’ scenarios. Consider the way Deloitte UK cleverly uses social businesses, including WildHearts, in their supply chain. Or the ‘business for purpose’ model used by the Isis Group. Those models should be supported and championed. But let’s not stop there, we can do more – together.

We need to ‘think outside the box’ and ‘be on our toes’. Forget about labels like ‘private consumer’, ‘charity’, ‘social enterprise’ or ‘for-profit’. We are all in the boat, and together we need to row it to shore. Whatever your label, you can ‘do good’ and create More Social Good by choosing to spend your money the MoreSo Way.

At MoreSo we believe that sharing how you ‘do good’ in business creates More Social Good. That is why we will share with you exactly who we are working with and why.

MoreSo starts with a blog, but we have plans to grow into a social business. We are here to help and inspire you. MoreSo is on a mission to try and find out ‘who’ is doing ‘what’, and ‘how’, in terms of social good outcomes in business. To start, MoreSo will explore how we can encourage more social procurement – both in terms of supply and demand. You can read about how MoreSo will create More Social Good here.

Your experiences, stories and comments will play a big part. How do you spend money the MoreSo Way? Who do you know that is delivering social good outcomes in business, perhaps in unexpected ways? What you think of MoreSo? What does it do well? Where could we do better?

Please share your stories and views with MoreSo. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

I am full of hope that MoreSo will drive More Social Good, and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Jo Sayer